Moto Lady 5 Year Anniversary 2016

On Saturday the 25th of January, 2016, hundreds of motorcycles, riders, enthusiasts and Los Angeles riff raff descended upon Lucky Wheels Garage for what will be known as the quintessential 2016 kick-off party in the West Coast motorcycle community. What was the occasion you ask? Well, the Moto Lady 5 Year Anniversary, of course.

For 5 years, Alicia Mariah Elfving has been hustling in support of women who ride and are involved in motorcycling and motorcycle culture. She’s well known in the industry and well loved by everyone for her feisty attitude and ability to get things done. This party was the extension of that, and was truly epic.


The party itself was attended by some huge names in the women’s motorcycling community. Everyone from Jessi Combs of Auto Blog, to Lanakila MacNaughton of the Women’s Moto Exhibit & The Dream Roll… far too many lady riders to mention. Also included in the show was an incredible selection of motorcycles owned, piloted and built by women including Classified Moto‘s build for Katee Sackhoff. The winner of best in show was a bike owned by Stacie London, aka Triple Nickel 555 which she races regularly. (See the list at the bottom of the page for all of the motorcycle entries.)


The hosts of the event run a tight operation in the heart of downtown Los Angeles known as Lucky Wheels Garage. This venue is normally host to any given number of self-motivated motorcycle mechanics and is known as a DIY Moto Garage. Truly impressed by the building, the organization, support and collection of tools available to members of the garage. This is a great model and honestly every city, town and community needs one of these. The crew was some of the friendliest people I’ve met in Southern California and did everything they could to help support the event.



I had the honor of being invited to put my artwork up on the wall. Humbled by the request, I made the trek down to LA the day of, and managed to find a stellar spot on the wall to hang some prints. Accompanied by Adrienne VanSchoonhoven who makes moto jewelry as Pistons & Poppies, we arrived early enough to soak in the LA fashion district and roll around town a bit before the party.


Both Adrienne and I were offering gear in the raffle, which is always a pleasure. It’s truly a joy to see the stoke on the faces of raffle winners, as well as feel the stoke from time to time. Yup, I went all in and scored a pair of brand new limited edition ICON Motorsports HP Elsinore Boots. Hot damn! They’re badass. I don’t win things, and it put a shit eating grin on my face for the past couple of days. Big thanks ICON!

What’s next… pleased to report that I’ll be hanging art again this year at The One Motorcycle Show #7. If you get a chance to go, don’t pass it up, and come and say hi at the Inked Iron booth. \m/


View the Gallery Here >>



A shoutout to the raffle donors, supporters & sponsors:

Lucky Wheels Garage
Lowbrow Customs
Biltwell Inc.
Dime City Cycles
Icon 1000
Ugly Bros USA
Silver Piston
Hinterland Empire
Pistons & Poppies
Never Ride Bitch

The women’s motorcycle show included riders/builders:

Stacie B. London
Jessi Combs
Krystal Hess
Brittany Morrow
Chelsea Taylor
Katee Sackhoff / Classified Moto
Yuriko Takeda / Hog Killers
Caroline Patterson / MotoLady
Heidi Zumbrun
Lori Bentley-Law
Daniella Renee
Cindy DuLong
Jill Stevens
Jessica Van Dusen