The One Motorcycle Show 2015

While The One Motorcycle Show 2015 may be over, the afterglow of epic memories has only just begun. And what a weekend it was. The One Moto Show attracts some of the coolest folks in the custom motorcycle industry. The One Motorcycle Show is an annual event bringing together the best in builders, fabricators, enthusiasts and artists. As described on the One Show website: “It was crafted to celebrate the weird, rare, unconventional bikes that we loved, in a way that everyone could enjoy. … We want to give back to motorcycling.”

Mini-bike Races at The One Moto

Mini-bike Races at The One Moto

The One Moto Show 2015 was full of shenanigans this year, including mini-bike races on mini track sponsored by Chrome Industries (and hopefully Icon 1000 since helmets were necessary). A few bikes went flying into the hay bales, and at least one spilled oil all over the tracks. Nothing a little burnout couldn’t mop up. Needless to say, the mini-bikes alone drew a crowd.
I’ve always found The One Moto Show to be one of those events which continually brings you those serendipitous moments, mind blowing connections, and heartfelt friendships which are affirmations of being on the right track, and leave you feeling like you’re contributions are appreciated and respected, whether you’re an artist, builder, coffee slinger, or helping to set up and clean up the show.

Being a mecca for everything to do with motorcycles, and hosting such a wide variety of bike builds, everything from choppers to adventure bikes, cafe racers to Bonneville record holding drag bikes, the entire community of motorcycle enthusiasts seems to descend on Portland for the event. If you don’t see and reconnect with people you know, you’re bound to meet new friends and make new connections at the show. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people like Ginger McCabe of New Church Moto, Steve West of Silver Piston, Jason Paul Michaels, founder of Dime City Cycles, and his lovely wife Leticia Cline, Brian Fuller of Fuller Moto, Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles and many other amazing and equally noteworthy folks including the one and only Thor Drake himself.

one-moto-blog-01Last year my art was on display behind a row of amazing BMW motorcycles, one in particular built by The Gasbox, run by the Bassett Family in Cleveland, Ohio, which was a headturner. This year I was graced by the company of a new set of rebuilt German bikes, but this time, the backdrop for three bikes from Boxer Metal, owned by Chris & Rebecca Canterbury in Chico, CA. It just so happens, I bought my first custom BMW parts from Chris a few years ago and was already excited to finally meet him at the show. One of the bikes in the line up is an incredible custom cafe racer built by Chris for Velocity Channel’s Naked Speed (formerly Cafe Racer TV). This bike is based on a handbuilt custom frame crafted in the true old school style of the bikes raced in the 70’s.

You can watch the build come together in last week’s episode. It was the first thing I did when I got home from the show last night. Great stuff. If you are a BMW fan, you have to check out Chris’ work and custom parts. A true master builder, craftsman, fabricator, and mechanical guru. Great meeting you, you’re lovely wife, and the rest of the Boxer Metal crew this weekend, Chris! I’ll gladly be your backdrop anytime.


This year I collaborated with Erik Jutras and Bryan Collings, two fine artists, craftsmen, gentlemen, and great friends. Erik is a master photographer who’s not yet self-proclaimed, but should be. We hand picked 3 images from his portfolio to use in a new photo series, showcasing his own Triumph Scrambler, as well as a couple of killer photos from The Dirtbag Challenge.

Every piece of art needs to be well presented, and with the help of Bryan Collings, we had the rare treat of handmade frames for the display. Bryan crafted frames out of reclaimed redwood fencing, and turned them into works of art themselves. These combined with the wire cables we used to secure the prints to the wall, created an industrial look which fit the building post-modern apocalyptic vibe.

This year was the first year The One Moto Show crew had room to set up an area for vending. This was great as it allowed us a chance to offer art for sale which was not hanging inside. I shared a booth with the “Fuck Pant” gals from Hinterland Clothing, based in Eureka, California who brought apparel and kept everyone warm. Also debuting her wares at the show was Adrienne VanSchoonhoven from Pistons & Poppies. Adrienne is a master jeweler and creates beautiful moto themed jewelry out of her home in Oakland, Ca. Check out Piston & Poppies’s website and online store.

one-moto-blog-04No trip to Portland is complete without daily stops at See See Motorcycles. This is the place to see and be seen, and our meeting spot each day. See See serves Stumptown Coffee and breakfast sandwiches with just the right amount of bacon to prep you for a day’s worth of drooling over motorcycles. While there, you can gaze at the grid of helmets on the wall, read their vast library of motorcycle magazines, or browse the motorcycle shop and even borrow tools to tune up your ride outside. There are always some amazing bikes parked out front, especially during the One Moto weekend. This 1971 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer was built by Kott Motorcycles and looked perfect sitting outside the coffee shop.



Leaving Portland is always bittersweet. We had a very successful show, and had a blast with all of our moto friend’s and family who were able to make it, but it always ends far too soon. I’m definitely planning on making this a regular thing, for as long as Ginger will have me. See you all next year.




2015 The 1 Motorcycle Show Video:

The One Motorcycle Show 2015 ! from See See Motor Coffee Co. on Vimeo.