The Road to One Motorcycle Show 2017!

“Funny thing about motorcycles, when you get one, you want two. When you get two, you want ten. Then one day you have ten motorcycles.”

Our year 4 of their year 8! The One Motorcycle Show is in it’s eighth year of glory, with a new and even bigger venue, more vendors, more bikes and more artists. This is the second year of the “The 1 Pro” flat track races and we’re excited to see the action.

2016 The 1 Pro Flat Track Races

And, of course, it’s raining. Pouring. The 10 hour drive from San Francisco to Portland ended up taking 12 hours, and the rain didn’t let up the entire way. Vandura handled it without a problem so we made it in one piece. Along with all of my art and wares, I have AJ Pushkarna’s custom, handbuilt BMW Scrambler. Based off of an old 1982 R100, the bike was built by hand at Piston & Chain, a local DIY garage where AJ is a member. This is his first build and hopefully not his last. It won best custom in Eureka last September and was invited to be a part of the 1 Moto which is a huge honor.

The new venue is epic and has plenty of space to hang art. We’ve always got a pretty good spot on the wall, and I am looking forward to showing a handful of new art as well as some limited edition prints of some previous work. Part of my display includes a collaboration I did with Douglas Thompson, who goes by Tempus Deficit on Instagram and his online shop. We produced a piece for Ace Corner Barber this past year, and people love it.

Limited edition print available at The 1 Motorcycle Show!

The limited edition black prints are a new addition to my artwork. The five prints I brought include a numbered edition of the Work Hard, Make Cool Shit print, the Cafe Racer print (which was one of the first prints I ever produced), a collaboration with tattoo artist Matt Howse, and “The Heartbreaker” which is this year’s anti-Valentine’s Day print. They are printed using an dry transfer system on black Neenah paper. The quality is superb and I’m able to keep the price low.

The bikes are always incredible and my compliments to each and every builder who puts in the time, the hard work, and the effort to bring a bike to the show. I will post photos and updates as the weekend continues. Stay tuned for more on The 1 Motorcycle Show!

(Cover photo by Erik Jutras/@mr_pixelhead.)




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